Board of Directors

Welcome to Medicaps Ltd.

The Board consists of executive and non-executive directors including independent directors who have wide and varied experience in different disciplines of corporate functioning. Mr. R.C Mittal, the Chairman is overall incharge for the affairs of the Company who is assisted by Mr. Alok K.Garg, Managing Director and Mrs. Kusum Mittal, Mrs, Manisha Garg , the Executive Directors and he exercise his powers and discharge his duties under the superintendence and control of the Board of directors from time to time.


The Board has unfettered and complete access to any information within the Company and from any of our employees. At meetings of the Board, it welcomes the presence of concerned employees who can provide additional insights into the items being discussed.
The information regularly supplied to the Board includes:

  • Annual operating plans and updates.
  • Minutes of meetings of audit, committee of the Company along with board minutes of the subsidiary companies.
  • General notices of interest.
  • Materially important litigations, show cause, demand, prosecution and penalty notices, if any.
  • Any materially relevant default in financial obligations to and by us.
  • Non-compliance of any regulatory, statutory or listing requirements as well as shareholder services such as non-payment of dividend and delays in share transfer.

The Board also periodically reviews compliance reports of all laws applicable to the Company, prepared by the designated employees as well as steps taken to rectify instances of non-compliance.

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Date of Appointment

100035272Mr. Ramesh Chandra MittalChairman & Director06/08/1983
200274321Mr. Alok K. GargManaging Director01/04/1999
300035356Mrs. Kusum Mittal Whole Time Director 04/05/1991
401006545Mrs. Manisha Garg Whole Time Director 11/11/2016
500204290Dr. Shamsher SinghIndependent Director30/04/2002
700972389Mr. Pramod Fatehpuria Independent Director29/05/2014
807444248Mr. Mahesh Kumar Patni Independent Director27/05/2016
907870578Mr. Ashok AgrawalIndependent Director25/07/2017
Compliance officer