At Medicaps, our aim is to attract and retain talented employees. Considerable time and effort are devoted for selecting the right candidates. Every employee of Medicaps stands to benefit from our extensive personnel policies. These have been developed to reward, motivate and care for all our people, to build in them a sense of loyalty and regard for the organization and to cause them to give their best.


A thorough induction program is conducted for new employees to make him comfortable and aware of personnel policies and programs.


We provide extensive training through inhouse programs as well as programs conducted by invited faculty. Personnel Heads/Company Heads can sponsor candidates for such programs.


We have an elaborately written promotion policy, which addresses various promotion-related issues. It describes promotion and the parameters for an employee to be considered for promotion.
Welfare and Benefits
We have several schemes and policies for the welfare of employees and their families.
Self-Development Programs
All companies of the Medicaps Group encourage Self-development to help employees effectively handle their present assignments and to prepare them for increased responsibilities in the future.

Communication Meetings and Entertainment

This policy has been evolved to create an opportunity for members of departments to discuss issues faced by them with their Heads Of Department (HOD), in a friendly atmosphere that helps to build their team spirit. Annual get-togethers are held every year, with the participation of employees and their families to create feeling of belonging towards the company and foster a spirit of togetherness.

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