About Us


Medi-Caps Limited flagship company of Medi-Caps Group, is one of the largest manufacturer of empty hard gelatin capsules in terms of manufacturing capacity as well as market capitalization in India, incorporated in 1983, Medi-Caps Limited entered the highly competitive market with a team of dedicated professionals, duly supported by competent individuals in every aspect of operation.

At Medi-Caps Limited a philosophy of growth has been consistently upheld with good business practices. Clear focus, excellent infrastructure, a powerful quality policy and a well defined management information system have helped the company to achieve consistent growth.

Our product range comprises of six sizes ranging from 00,0,1el,1,2,3,4, fortified in more than 1000 shades, the same is increasing as rapidly as Pharma Industry itself.

Today we offer printing features that are best in the industry. Medi-Caps Limited has pioneered many advanced features in product development such as “Pearlz Capsules” (Metallic Colored) as well as Python Printing & Li-Fill Caps.

Medi-Caps Limited continuously strives to offer its customers excellent product, technical advice, and a through professional service that makes our product tailor made for our customers both in India as well as abroad.

Our professional goals and corporate personality have blended so well that today Medi-Caps Limited name has become synonymous with the best in the Industry.

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Our goal has always been to supply good quality products matching with the requirement of users at very competitive prices and we try always. Exploring opportunities
to expand our geographical reach to compete with global market. Specifically, we expect to generate future sales growth by strengthening our business and supplementing it best masticating juicer with increased investment in growth areas.

We are hopeful uplift the Company to grater heights due to team efforts of our people and latest pool in building leadership across. We are reducing risk by balancing our portfolio that shows potential, while also fully capturing opportunities for the products across all geographical boundaries.

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