Companies Polices

The corporate governance practices and the disclosures are need based, complied with the statutory and the regulatory requirements of the Companies Act, 2013, together with all the relevant Clauses of the Listing Agreement and all the others applicable laws. The Company’s Corporate Governance policies and the practices are also in accordance with the amended Clause 49 of the listing agreement. A report on the Corporate Governance along with the Auditors Certificate forming part of the Director’s report, being annexed herewith.
Code of Conduct for Independent Directors Schedule IV


Our corporate governance policies recognise the accountability of the Board and the importance of its decisions to all our constituents, including customers, investors and the regulatory authorities and to demonstrate that the shareholders are the cause of and ultimate beneficiaries of our economic activities. The functions of the Board and the Executive Management are well defined and are distinct from one another. We have taken a series of steps including the setting up of sub-committees of the Board to oversee the functions of Executive Management. These sub-committees of the Board, which mainly consists of Non-Executive Directors, meet regularly to discharge their objectives.


The Compliance Officer
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Sub : Confirmation of Compliance of the Code of Conduct of Medicaps Limited.
I ______________________________ (name), ___________________ (designation) of the Company, do hereby confirm that I have fully complied with the provisions of the Code of Conduct of the Medicaps Limited. for the Accounting year ending on 31st March, 200__.
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